Serenity Day Spa

Welcome to Serenity Day Spa!

We are located at 263 Grand Street, the beautiful downtown section of Jersey City. Our full service spa offers clients a range of relaxing treatments to de-stress and to return to a renewed state of being.

Serenity Day Spa caters to male and female clientele who are looking to indulge themselves in a peaceful and serene environment. We have mastered the art of delivering an uplifting and blissful spa experience by ensuring a flawless customer service.

Serenity Day Spa has the utmost desire to make clients leave feeling rejuvenated and exceptional. Our team of dedicated wellness professionals, with a combined expertise of 20 years in the industry, aims to create an atmosphere that functions as a tranquil getaway for our customers, who come to experience a renewed state of being. Our range of services includes massages, facials and body treatments.

Whether you are interested in a spa party, a couple’s retreat, or a day of personal indulgence, Serenity Day Spa is committed to delivering exceptional service. “Why,” You ask? Because, you deserve it!

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