Serenity Day Spa

Serenity Day Spa in Jersey City, NJ offers the following massage therapy options.

Side by Side/Couples Massage

DURATION    :     60 mins Swedish /90 mins Swedish

PRICE    :     $200/$275

*Deep Tissue Massages will be charged an extra $30 per person

Enjoy a customized massage treatment with your loved one or friend. Please ask us about our party packages!!

Swedish Massage

DURATION    :     30/60/90 mins

PRICE    :     $60/$110/ $145

A classic relaxing massage designed to reduce stress and muscle fatigue, improve blood circulation and promote deep relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage

DURATION    :     30/60 mins

PRICE    :     $70/ $115

Pleasing aromas enhance the massage experience in aromatherapy treatments. Essential oils are used to help reduce stress, promote relaxation and improve skin care.

Deep Tissue Massage

DURATION    :     30/60 mins

PRICE    :     $80/ $140

Deep, firm pressure targets large muscle groups, broadening, stretching and energizing tired and overworked muscles. Reduces the effects of chronic muscle tension and promotes a supple, realigned body.

Hot Stone Massage

DURATION    :     60/90 mins

PRICE    :     $140/$190

Heated stones open energy pathways and massage the body. The flowing movement, combined with deep penetrating heat helps melt away tension and restore bodily peace and harmony.


DURATION    :     60 mins

PRICE    :     $125

Soothing massage assists in releasing lower back pain, helps water retention, minimizes stretch marks and improves circulation.


DURATION    :     15/30 mins

PRICE    :     $40/$60

Description: A concentrated foot massage that enhances well-being and balances the total body.

Our massage therapists provide suggestions based on your unique needs and preferences. Experience the healing power of our therapeutic massages and find one that works for you!

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