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February 8, 2013 by Staff Member

Dermalogica Gets It

Wondering what makes a day at Serenity Day Spa in Jersey City, NJ so wonderful and refreshing? Besides the fabulous customer service, tranquil environment and state of the art equipment, we use and recommend some of the best skin and body care products to all of our customers.

Dermalogica, a company that’s earned a reputation for serious skin health, is our product of choice. For more than 25 years, Dermalogica has catered to all types of skin matters, while others were just catching up. From pre-cleansers and scrubs to exfoliants and moisturizers, we carry Dermalogica because the brand has proven to be safe and effective for all types of skin.

Our guests can customize a skin care treatment regimen to revitalize and maintain a healthy hide by consulting one of our trained experts and in house estheticians.

Established in an era when beauty and self-image was bolstering to the top of society’s priority list, Dermalogica was making health and wellness its primary focus.

Creator Jane Wurwand set out to lift the standards of skin care while other companies emphasized superficial causes in the industry. She wanted people to understand healthy skin is what makes beautiful skin.

And that’s our goal here at Serenity Day Spa in Jersey City, NJ. After a long day at work, we help our guests relax, relieve stress and help restore total health and wellness.

With our rewards program, guests that purchase any Dermalogica product will receive credit toward a discount for a future purchase. It’s an investment that guarantees results.

Stop in today for a free consultation and demonstration.

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